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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dangerous Security Risk? Mandatory Yearbook Photos of CMPD Officers

CMPD has put out a mandatory order for all officers to have their photographs taken for a yearbook.

Are they going to include undercover officers on their own special page?  What about gang units--will you index them so they can be specially targeted?  Don’t do this stupid thing that is potentially very dangerous for officers and citizens!

All it takes is one copy to the MS13's.

All it takes is one copy in the hands of terrorists trying to sneak one of "theirs" behind the scenes at the DNC2012 Convention, so they can get a close match.

This is some epic security leadership brainpower we have in charge of Charlotte.

If you honestly can't think of any better way to spend this money, at least choose not to cause a potentially monumental security problem.

Mayor Foxx, Council, Curt Walton, please ask the Feds if they think this is a good idea.  Maybe one of them fully attended the college they claimed to earn their degree from-- and actually earned a degree in Criminal Justice. 


  1. I agree > it has nothing to do with our job and we shouldn't be MADE to do it. period.

  2. Too bad CMPD Command won't use this energy towards working for Officer and Civilian raises as well as needed equipment!