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Friday, August 5, 2011

Human Resources Rep. also Refuses to Answer RE: CMPD Promotions

There's no way to know yet how many others have asked the questions of Human Resources, of Curt Walton, of Rodney Monroe, City Council, or the Mayor concerning some seemingly very-unusual hiring and promotional practices within the CMPD.  One thing is clear:  Walton has set a definite wall of silence up around the department.  If anyone dare ask a question, such as "Was a job for a highly-paid, previously non-existent position, which is not covered anywhere in the directives you point to for coverage on hiring and promotion practices ever POSTED?"...

Well, you can read the responses for yourselves.  The answer is to continue to let Rodney Monroe operate as usual, ignore the possibility of problems, and deny the supervisory responsibility of checking on complaints or concerns. 

Is there a number of people that have to issue a complaint in order for it to be assessed properly by Human Resources?   Is that number more than 1? More than 100?  How many?

Is there a particular format? 

Is there a form?

Is there a venue?  

Must people "out" themselves to air concerns about possible discriminatory practices by their boss--especially when their boss is a Police Chief himself?

Could openly filing a complaint make a difficult and stressful job more dangerous, considering all the associated dangers inherent in that job even when things are going well and you have the full support of all Staff, your normal shifts, and all regular operating modes?

Wasn't asking the Human Resources Personnel the place to find these answers?

I would like the Council and Mayor to ask the questions.  I would like the Fraternal Order of Police to support the Officers by asking the questions. 

Almost all officers were first told they would receive no raise--again--but then thrown a bone out of lump sum compensation out of City surplus funds available.  I say "most" because Monroe gave some heftier raises to his command staff--and then wrote a letter to the rest of his officers explaining that he and Curt "wish there w(ere) more to be given."

 Read Cedarposts.blogspot story here

Sent to Cheryl L. Brown August 3, 2011 regarding Curt Walton's statements that he would not respond about hiring and promotion practices in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, from his August 3rd request letter shown in post here

Ms. Brown,

With regards to Mr. Walton's response, he has clearly not responded to the questions below.  I have chosen to highlight them in the text and ask for your response as HR representative, rather than restate them all, too avoid creating unnecessary confusion.  Let me slightly re-state this question, though: are there any valid reasons you are aware of as HR manager which would allow for discriminatory hiring or promotional practices to be conducted in any City Department?  And, particularly if pointed out as a potential problem to supervisors, would the supervisor then be required to review and investigate whether there is a possible problem, based on some sort of factual analysis?

Please see the highlighted questions below.   (Editor's note: referencing highlighted portion of the letter shown in the post on the link here )

I know that none of these questions will take more than a couple of minutes to answer, since they are policy--or the simple job posting of two jobs which have had advance notice of. 
Thank you so much.  

Cheryl L. Brown's Response August 4, 2011:

"The City has responded to your request.  I have nothing to add."

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