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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Save a Life Today

The World Food Programme needs your help to save the world.
And it won't take very much effort or sacrifice on your part--even if things are a little "tight."  You can always buddy-up for the cause.   The United States government released this statistic:   In Somalia, in just 90 days, 29,000 children under the age of 6 died of starvation.  You have to say that at least twice out loud and then divide it up in your head to even begin to process it.  And that's just the under-6-year-olds from one country.  
Part of the problem is drought, but part of the problem is gaining access to give the aid.  Fourteen aid workers lost their lives and the Programme had to stop in 2010, but they are able to deliver food again.  An easy thing to do is dial your phone. 

If you can help even one time with a $10 donation, you can help save a life.  

Sending a text  A-I-D  to   27722   will donate $10 to the World Food Programme which is enough to feed a woman or a child for THREE WEEKS.  Of course, feel free to text as many lives as you can afford.  Or pace yourself and make it a regular thing.  And spread the word to friends.  The World Food Programme is a completely humanitarian organization established 50 years ago to feed people in third world countries.   Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and other countries in the Horn of Africa are the most widely affected.  Other areas are served as well, including Haiti.

Go to   for information.

Watch WFP leader Bettina Luescher - United Nations "World Food Programme" *Interview (Aug.29/11) with David Letterman on the Late Show discuss the issue:

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