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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Former Charlotte PD Chief of Staff, Tarasovic, to be Richmond Police Chief

Ray Tarasovic, former Chief of Staff to Police Chief Rodney Monroe, has been named new Police Chief of Richmond, VA by Mayor Dwight Jones.  

Mayor Jones commented on the surprise replacement as Police Chief and public outcry that the Mayor should have conducted a public process:  “To assume that we have to have a meeting to find out what public opinion is is a misnomer (sic).”

Mayor Dwight Jones chose Tarasovic with no public input whatsoever.  Tarasovic admitted to conversations taking place over a month.  The Mayor’s office did not offer any other names under consideration.  Mayor Dwight Jones said he “had been speaking with faith leaders and felt that was good enough.”  See WRIC’s video of a press conference and the rest of their report.

Operating behind closed doors with autocratic decisions based in a small, “faith leader” cliques...  
He was the Assistant Chief to Chief Monroe in Richmond before Monroe came to Charlotte.  But you wouldn’t know that if you checked his “Linked In” page of job history:

Ray Tarasovic
Richmond, Virginia Area
Public Safety

Ray Tarasovic's Overview
·        Retired at N/A
·        Assistant Chief of Police at Richmond Police Department

Ray Tarasovic's Experience
May 2010 – Present (2 years 10 months)

Assistant Chief of Police
Richmond Police Department
2005 – 2008 (3 years)

Contact Ray for:
·        consulting offers
·        expertise requests
·        reference requests
·        getting back in touch

What happened to “2008 – 2010, Chief of Staff to Police Chief Rodney Monroe, Charlotte, NC?”

Maybe he’s not as good at “getting back in touch” as the LinkedIn overview suggests.  Or is he really unhappy with his experience in Charlotte under Monroe?

Surely the citizens of Charlotte wish all the best to the citizens of Richmond moving forward with their new police leader, even if the announcement has been a complete shock to most of them.