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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Rodney Monroe has promoted (at least it’s being called a promotion) the following Charlotte Mecklenburg  Police officers to the rank of Lieutenant.

This is another position not created in the CMPD Directives, which are supposed to govern every action taken by CMPD officers, including Rodney Monroe.

RAC Sergeants (many of whom are now-former-RAC Sergeants and included on the list below) have been the subject of much controversy of late because Monroe and the Department, and the City of Charlotte have made their position in recent court proceedings that the RAC Sergeant position never really existed and was a temporary position in name only.   The Position of RAC Sergeant was never in the Directives, and other positions in the past were never included in the Directives.

A judge ruled against rationales put forth by Monroe and the City last week, in favor of Sgt. Tammy Hatley, ruling in part that Hatley had been denied due process because she was in fact demoted from a postion to which she had been promoted in 2008 and without the due process afforded her according to CMPD Directives.  The judge ordered a jury to decide damages.  Reports are that the case has moved to settlement discussions.

This seems like a very strange time to put out a statement promoting people to another rank not established.  And here’s another case of putting off a promotion ceremony with no expected date.  Last time it took months.  Why?  And is there more to come this round?

Readers may want to see what City Manager Curt Walton had to say earlier this year.

From: Graue, Katrina

Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 5:02 PM

To: _CMPD everyone

Subject: Promotion to Lieutenant

Please join me in congratulating the following sergeants who were approved for promotion to the rank of lieutenant by the Civil Service Board. Details on assignments and a promotional ceremony will follow.

Sgt. Tonya Arrington
Sgt. Rich Austin Jr.
Sgt. Todd Blum
Sgt. Eric Brady
Sgt. Jackie Bryley
Sgt. Ryan Butler
Sgt. Joe Carey IV
Sgt. Lisa Carriker
Sgt. Casey Carver
Sgt. Travis Childs
Sgt. Spencer Cochran
Sgt. David Cristy
Sgt. Shawn Crooks
Sgt. Bill Cunningham Jr.
Sgt. Robert Dance
Sgt. Roseann DeTommaso
Sgt. Rod Farley
Sgt. Brian Foley
Sgt. Norman Garnes Jr.
Sgt. Todd Garrett
Sgt. Jeff Harless
Sgt. Andrew Harris
Sgt. Blake Hollar
Sgt. Steve Huber
Sgt. Jackie Hulsey
Sgt. Jim Hummel
Sgt. Dave Johnson
Sgt. Nathan King
Sgt. Pamela Lisenby
Sgt. Todd Lontz
Sgt. David Moorefield Jr.
Sgt. James Morrison
Sgt. Fred Newell
Sgt. Travis Pardue
Sgt. Mark Santaniello
Sgt. Kenneth Schul
Sgt. Jonathan Thomas
Sgt. John Thornton
Sgt. James Wright

Deputy Chief Katrina Graue
Administrative Services Group
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
601 E. Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

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