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Friday, December 2, 2011

Here's How the NEW $1.82 Million TASERS Don't Function Properly

citynewswatch has received a memo sent from CMPD regarding the malfunctioning TASERS we just bought for at least $1.8 Million dollars.  These TASERS were supposed to be in use by now.  They were supposed to replace the last TASERS which were perfectly useable and no more unsafe than the sales pitch for the new TASERS except that you had to take your finger off the trigger and stop TASING someone after a few seconds on your own, instead of having software that does it for you.

Now it is known that the so-called safety feature limiting the time an officer can shoot someone with the TASER 15,000 volts is not functioning properly, and there will have to be a “software upgrade.”


The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department continues to move forward with TASER X2 training to issue the new electronic control weapon to our officers.    The department  is constantly  reviewing  upgrades to the TASER X2 to satisfy the CMPD’s requirements that the deployment cycle is limited to five seconds for the probes and the Arc Switch.    The CMPD requested TASER International upgrade the software in the CMPD TASER X2 to limit the Arc Switch to five seconds.

The software upgrade does not impact classroom instruction on the electronic control weapon, policies and procedures for more than 1,700 CMPD officers.  The training is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011 and the TASER X2 will be distributed to our officers when the software is upgraded. 

Deputy Chief Katrina Graue

Administrative Services Group
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
601 E. Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

With the current software problem, the user can push a button to cause an arc of electricity without removing the TASER cartridge as you had to do before with the X-26 model TASER (you could still do what is called a “drive stun” with the cartridge in place if you wanted to). 

The arc would be used for a daily functionality test of the TASER and as a warning to a suspect or as a compliance technique. The arc was supposed to only last 5 seconds but now it is found that it would continue as long as one held the trigger. 

There goes the main stated purpose for spending $1.82 million tax dollars with a company that uses the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department sale to advertise the new X-2 model…

Note there is no timetable on fixing the faulty TASERS, just a vague assurance that the TASERS will be in use next year. 

No wonder the City and CMPD continue to refuse information about their contract associations and irregularities.  The public can’t get a straight answer about anything. 

See this previous post explaining how the City and CMPD won’t explain the contract problems regarding the TASER investigation and purchase contract.  Maybe buying the TASERS on the same day you start a consultant’s review is part of the problem.Also see for some similar information received and his take on things.  Read a few CMPD stories—and the comments about what is happening within CMPD, all approved by his bosses who allow it to go on.  See the real list of homicides in Charlotte, which have come at an average rate of 1 every 48 hours.  This is not what most people call safe.

When can we have the real crime numbers from CMPD?

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