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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CMPD Promotion Announcements Trickling Out

Why is Rodney Monroe following this unprecedented pattern of dribbling out promotions in the quietest way possible?  Could it be because of current problems over hiring and promotion practices?  Could it be his boss, City Manager Curt Walton told him to keep it quiet because he didnt like being exposed publicly as being fully informed of Rodney Monroe’s practices?  Or is there some other reason?  Read further for the link to an earlier post laying out the position of Curt, HR, and the City on policies and practices.
It would be nice to hear from the Police Department or City directly and more publicly, but they won’t talk about much of anything lately—and certainly not about what’s happening over at the CMPD.
Normally, theres a ceremony and congratulations.  As Charlotte has seen, when Rodney wants to throw a party, Rodney throws a party!  Tens of thousands of (our) City money were used for a very festive holiday party a couple of years ago.  See the last post to read what an exceptional golf extravaganza he puts on—and the one coming up this next week is named in his honor.  Certainly the promotion of his hard-working officers would warrant at least a dignified announcement, worthy of the pride he would display as Chief, right?
Previous reporting from listed these promotions, but as noted earlier, they were quietly spread out among different dates and with no fanfare at all: Read CedarPosts’ full story from August 2nd here, which is shown in part below:
Data compiled by the Charlotte Observer shows an amazing disparity in salaries among CMPD Majors with Veronica Foster's base nearly 10% higher than all CMPD Majors, many who have stronger backgrounds and considerably more years of service.  (Editor’s note: this may be because Foster’s position previously didn’t exist among CMPD’s Directives)
Foster, Veronica D $109,500
Anselmo, Diego O $100,619
Danchess, T J $100,619
Diggs, John D $100,619
Greene, Dale A $100,619
Williams, R F $100,619
Selvey, Cameron R $100,619
Gallant, Douglas E $98,642
Leonard, George A $98,642
Pearsall, Sherie E $98,642
Neimeyer, Glen A $98,642
Zinkann III, Paul J $98,642
Levins, Paul E $97,844

The above numbers do not reflect bonuses, or perks such as take home cars or secondary employment income.

Deputy Chief salaries are more uniform with Kerr Putney receiving a little more than 5% over his counterparts.

Putney, Kerr Y $118,036
Medlock, Harold E $112,785
Story, Ruth A $112,785
Graue, Katrina T $112,785
While no one wants to micro manage Charlotte's Police Department payroll there are questions that never seem to get a straight answer. Such as, what are the criteria for merit pay raises, for bonuses, and for promotions. Where are the promotion announcements that normally would have been made a month ago.
CedarPosts reports no answer from the police.
You may recall that citynewswatch also received information that Police, City Manager Curt Walton, and Human Resources all refused to review the policies and procedures of Police Chief Rodney Monroe as they related to hiring, retention, and promotion.  Mayor Foxx and the City Council were also enjoined to review the practices but have so far refused, even though they have been informed and so are very aware of police department activity.  (See previous post here).

In part of the story found here on September 12, 2011, a few more promotions trickled out:
On behalf of Chief Monroe, I would like to announce the following promotions which were approved by Civil Service on September 6, 2011:

To Sergeant
Officer Amy Stukey
Officer Lucas Veith

To Captain
Sgt. Chris Dozier
Sgt. Michael Harris
Sgt. Harold (Chuck) Henson
Sgt. Dominick (Nick) Pellicone

To Major
Capt. Bruce Bellamy

Promotional ceremony details and assignments are being finalized and will be announced when completed. Please congratulate those being promoted on this accomplishment
So, congratulations to those who have earned their promotions and raises.  To all those who deserve one and are still waiting in line, thank you for your service.


  1. You should get someone to send you the .pdf file that was sent out by HR for vacation hours for the year. There is only one name that has been blacked out...The chief's.

  2. Please send it in if you have it, or if a reader would request it--that works, too. And thanks for all the support all around.