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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowflakes: No Two Alike? Check This.

"No two snowflakes are alike?"  Not so true, according to this cool video "The Chemistry of Snowflakes" by the American Chemical Society.  (Thanks to Maria Popova @Brainpickings, for pointing it out).

With the prospect of snowfall heading to Charlotte and the surrounding area, I am grateful for a warm, safe place to sleep.  There are heavy storms with snow around half the country at this time, which is less inviting than a light dusting to be enjoyed, or a good drift to ski.

During all these holidays and throughout the brutally cold winter season in the Middle East, I am grateful for our United States Troops serving overseas in even harsher conditions than normal.

As the temperatures drop, don't forget to check on elderly neighbors to be sure they have safe forms of heat.  Also make sure all pets are inside and have a way to keep warm.

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