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Thursday, January 19, 2012



Charlotte-Mecklenburgpolice said the number of crimes dropped 7.1 percent in 2011, a development that Chief Rodney Monroe credited to several factors, and largely to officers keeping a close eye on potential criminals before they struck.

Charlotte’s Police Chief Rodney Monroe held a press conference 1/17/12 to announce that crime was down again, with a particularly astounding drop of 18% in Captain Martha Dozier’s Providence Division.  The numbers are nearly unbelievable. 

Steve Lyttle of the Charlotte Observer reported Monroe’s response to questions about the integrity of his reported crime reductions was this:

"Look at the homicide numbers, or the number of Crime Stoppers tips coming in. They're coming down. I can't fudge that."

Is Monroe’s logic that there are less Crime Stoppers tips coming in, so he’s not falsifying crime statistics for the entire city?  This seems to be what he said.

Okay, let’s go with that theory.  According to Crime Stoppers, 2011 was a “historic (high) year for the program” with more than 1750 tips—resulting in a record of $34,360 paid to tipsters.  There was apparently tons of criminal activity being reported in Charlotte.  Record highs of criminal activity reported—directly from the source Monroe cites.  It’s okay, Chief Monroe.  Crime Stoppers calls is an absurd basis for analyzing crime anyway.  We want the numbers and the reports.

Monroe also said the police department was “keeping a close eye on potential criminals before they struck” to accomplish lower reported crime rates.  It would be helpful to know how he feels he is going about this, but it doesn’t seem anyone asked.


We do know that current Captain Martha Dozier’s Providence Division displayed at least one diligent example of keeping an eye on potential criminals before they struck back at election time.  When Justine Tobin, a constituent and big campaign donor to Patrick Cannon called to complain that someone had stolen a couple of her “re-elect Cannon” signs, approximate value $7.50 each, from the grass in front of her house she placed a call.  Next, CMPD’s finest from Captain Martha Dozier’s Division were thrown into action—after Cannon placed a phone call to his good friend Rodney Monroe. 

Mark Pellin of Pundit House had received a voice mail from Cannon referencing his knowledge of the incident generally, but saying he couldn’t specifically take credit for what happened with the police roundup.  Pundit house also got an estimate that the multi-day stakeout of several officers with specialized equipment, undercover cars, and remote cameras designed to catch the alleged plastic-sign-stealing-criminals cost a minimum of $15,000 of tax dollars. 

There are rumors of a promotion to come for Captain Martha Dozier, for doing such a great job for Rodney Monroe and the taxpayers.  At least if you are a large campaign contributor to the right people, you can be assured of good service.


Also in the Observer:

Monroe also defended his department's compilation of crime statistics, saying he's "willing to listen" to anyone who can prove the numbers are not accurate.

citynewswatch and numerous others have proof above and beyond the obvious removal of crime information from the public site that Monroe has denied individual public information requests to give the real crime data.  Monroe has refused to explain the proof people have been able to bring forward.  His boss, Curt Walton has refused as well.  All the people who have been notified have taken no public action yet to put an end to this improper handling of public data, which is the minimal problem occurring right now.

When the truth comes out about the hundreds of police officers' records that disappeared out of the Police Academy under his supervision, that will be really hard to answer for as well, considering how many people have been informed all along of the problems.

Monroe’s statements to the press must have been an inside joke of some sort to say he expects someone “to prove” the numbers are not accurate at the same time he is flouting public records law and keeping the proof hidden as much as he is able. 

Despite that, people are coming forward with proof, and exposing what is happening inside the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

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Read the entire Code of Ethics for the Mayor and City Council of Charlotte, North Carolina, with a link always present on the right column of this blog page.  Below is the most relevant Section 5, followed by one part of the general underlying principles:

The Mayor and Council members should conduct the affairs of the board in an open and public manner.

They should comply with all applicable laws governing open meetings and public records, recognizing that doing so is an important way to be worthy of the public’s trust.

They should remember when they meet they are conducting the public’s business.

They should also remember that local government records belong to the public and not to them or City employees.

In order to ensure strict compliance with the laws concerning openness, the Mayor and Council members should make clear that an environment of transparency and candor is to be maintained at all times in the governmental unit.  They should prohibit unjustified delay in fulfilling public records requests.


The stability and proper operation of democratic reporesentative government depend upon public confidence in the integerity of the government and upon responsible exercise of the trust conferred by the people upon their elected officials.

There is no allowance for public confidence in the integrity of the crime statistics spit out by Rodney Monroe when he refuses to release the data he claims is behind them.  That data belongs to the people; this is clearly spelled out in law.  The absolute requirement of our Mayor and City Council to make sure all public information is released by the City Manager they hired and all other employees of the City (including themselves) is clearly spelled out in the Rules of Ethics, but so far they have not complied.

They will not give the Calls for Service, the Significant Event Logs, the Crime Reports, and other related data in a meaningful way that can be downloaded easily for analysis see what the real level of Crime in Charlotte is.

“Prove it?”

Mr. Monroe, step aside while we do even more of that.


  1. I challange rodney to "open the books"' release the data and info under public information.
    Why hasn't he complied and released all stats?
    Why hasn't he issued a public statement on the nefarious SHOP PROGRAM?
    He is a slippery one, isn't he?
    But you really cannot fool all of the people all of the time!
    Prove it, he says?
    I say DISPROVE you aren''t manipulating the numbers and stats to get the results you want by releasing all info requested, rodney. The burden of proof is on you, as you have all the info! We are operating in the dark, by your very own design, so we are at a distinct disadvantage, wouldn't you say?
    be transparent, rodney. Or are you afraid we will see all the skeletons?

  2. How is Crimestoppers funded?
    Didn't I hear at one time that Asset Forfiture money was used to bump up Crime Stoppers payment to
    How many people received money from Crimestoppers?
    Could we see amounts paid out to each individual, and also an accounting of hwo much money was taken in by Crimestoppers and from what sources?
    Thank you for your transparency on this, rodney!