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Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 CMPD Citizen Survey Released in PR push, but numbers don't add up

CMPD and Chief Monroe seemed to go on a Campaign of Convincing last night--all on our tax dollars paying the tab, with a little help from WSOC who did a wonderful promo piece on Monroe and the job he's doing.

The simultaneous release of a report entitled "CMPD Citizen Survey" was interesting, to say the least.  There are numerous reasons why the accuracy of the data itself should be questioned as statistically irrelevant--more on that later.

The stated purposes of this report have to do with increasing people's perception of safety, not their actual safety.  Too bad.

There are enormous pages that appear to present a demand from the community for Women and Non-White officers, regardless of qualifications, which really give one pause.  Listening to concerns from field officers who do not expect the next round of promotions to come in a way that is fair  and commensurate with abilities, tonight's show and tell along with this powerpoint report feels more like a propaganda machine carefully paving the way for some announcements that won't go down well. 

In addition, 45% of respondents are from the Southeast division.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the lowest crime area in all of Charlotte?  I'd feel pretty positive in that area, too.

Maybe there should be some high level discussions at City Manager level to be sure that appropriate considerations are reviewed before changing rank and pay.   Maybe there should be a look backward, in terms of positions acquired.   Let's get this right.  Let's not lose our good officers.

Here's a link to see the report for yourself: here

also, SEE     for valuable information

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  1. How much did this survey cost? Did this firm cost less than PwC? Think it's worth asking. I looked at this report, and it has been prepared to call for more officers, especially female and minority officers. That would be great if those getting in and getting promoted were the most quailified.