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Friday, September 21, 2012

Charlotte City Council, um, Budgeting and Planning?

Kevin Siers of the Charlotte Observer published this today after Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx made a preemptive offer to the Charlotte Panthers NFL to give away more tax money to fund fancy upgrades to benefit owners of the privately-owned stadium.  

Many on City Council have also indicated they are considering it. 

Kevin Siers from the Charlotte Observer 9/21/12

At a time when Charlotte is under the heaviest tax burden in the state, our elected leaders are salivating to fork over more of our money, with big talk about a Superbowl future as well, while also putting off important safety and education projects for lack of funding.

Council already voted to spend millions to buy the closed-down Eastland Mall.  They said it was for purposes of consolidating the property so it could be redeveloped as a whole, but now Councilman Patrick Cannon told WSOCTV "he'd like to see multiple buyers, thinking it could become something like the Ayrsley area, with homes and businesses."   It is not a comparable site.  This is not the plan City Council said they were promoting, whether it would be more or less successful than the movie studio plan that was promoted.

Beth Pickering seems to be volunteering more money up front as well, making these comments to the Observer:  "Pickering said she’s open to the city taking a greater financial role in the project, in possibly paying for the mall’s demolition. 'The devil is in the details but I’m open to that.' ”

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When will voters demand responsibility and make a change?

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