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Sunday, August 12, 2012

4-Year-Old Hero Xander Vento


Photo Credit: from WFAA-TV 

4-year-Old “Angel in the Pool” Xander Vento has now died after he saw a three year old girl struggling in the deep end of the pool and moved to hold her head up above water, according to AP.  

He saved the little girl, but became exhausted and fell to the bottom of the pool.  Little Xander lapsed into a coma and did not come out of it.

Cris and Misty Vento have decided to donate their tiny hero son’s organs, to help save even more children in his name.  The parents released a statement saying “We in some way hope our son’s life serves as an inspiration… He was the angel in the pool who sacrificed himself to save another.”

Inspiration accomplished. 

Reports say his mother was at the pool but gave no other information.

AP story, also see KFAA and KHOU for coverage in Texas.  

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