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Monday, May 7, 2012


Remember to vote in the tomorrow’s primary.
Look up any information you still need about candidates and issues—including and especially judges, who are often overlooked. 
The link to CharMeck's site information shows May 8, 2012 election but shows those already in office, so check the Charlotte Observer's voter section here for information about all candidates. 

Be prepared and informed about your decisions, and please go vote.  We get the government we deserve. 

“Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.”

--John Adams, Second President of the United States of America

 “Learned and thoughtful, John Adams was more remarkable as a political philosopher than as a politician. "People and nations are forged in the fires of adversity," he said, doubtless thinking of his own as well as the American experience.
Adams was born in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1735. A Harvard-educated lawyer, he early became identified with the patriot cause; a delegate to the First and Second Continental Congresses, he led in the movement for independence.”
He was elected and served two terms as Vice President under George Washington before becoming America’s second President of the United States. 

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