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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CMPD’s Fingerprints Are All Over This

A month-and-a-half since broke the story of the missing Law Enforcement records at the Training Academy, and continuous public records requests refused by every level of CMPD and the City of Charlotte officials, one more piece of information is out:

Here is half of the memo demanding that some of the officers must go get their fingerprints re-submitted, or risk their certifications as law enforcement officers, as suggested in the last post on this topic by citynewswatch here. 

(click on the memo below to enlarge)
 As you can read, CMPD lost or destroyed (to be determined) records of it's own Law Enforcement Officers, then sent this memo threatening that if they did not submit new documentation of their fingerprints, it could result in loss of their State Certification as LEO's.   What is the excuse for this kind of mismanagement?  How many other records are gone?  What repercussions have taken place, other than for the officers whose records are gone?  What investigation is underway to discover the source of the missing records?
Here is the full memo referenced in the earlier post:
(click on the memo below to enlarge)

Is this the group you want in charge of security for DNC 2012?

Here is the most recent request for information that they are still refusing to answer:
-----Original Message-----
From: (name withheld)
To: mshah-khan <>
Cc: bcunningham <>; rtufano <>; rmonroe <>; rfey <>; kmcmillan <>; afoxx <>; cwalton <>; DMcCarley <>; rhagemann <>; mnewbold <>; jemken <>; councilmancannon <>; barnesdistrict4 <>; jasonburgess <>; n3157w <>; warren <>; adulin1 <>; info <>; jamesdistrict2 <>; pkinsey <>; epeacock <>; district3_turner <>; citynewswatch <>
Sent: Tue, Oct 18, 2011 9:16 pm
Subject: Re: PUBLIC INFORMATION REQUEST RE:State investigation/audit of CMPD
Dear City of Charlotte Officials,
I have found that a Department of Justice investigation and/or audit is either underway or completed referencing the below matter of officers' records missing from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. It has been brought to my attention that hundreds of current officers were forced to provide new fingerprint cards to put on record for the CMPD due to loss of original records. Please confirm this information. Also, how many fingerprint cards have been lost for now-former officers, and what determination has been made in handling their records which have been lost? Have they or will they be required or asked to supply fingerprints again? What would be the implications regarding any past or open crimes and comparison to fingerprints or other medical records? Are DNA samples an issue in the lost records?
I continue to wait for fulfillment of all public information requested herein and below and fully expect my public officials to comply with these requests, per public records law.

Thank you.
While you can see that many questions remain unanswered, continuing to ask in a public way is the best resource we have, and will eventually bring answers to all the outstanding questions.  Thank you to all those who are helping the cause.

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  1. Just a thought, but could this be a get out of jail free card for anyone charged by an officer w/no records? It seems to me that a good lawyer could cause CMPD a ton of headaches.