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Thursday, November 22, 2012


For anyone who decides to risk deep-frying a turkey, here’s why you should NEVER fry a frozen turkey.  Be sure it’s completely thawed.  Do not overfill oil (check when cool) and do not place the cooker anywhere near flammable objects--like a house, deck, trees or children:

And see a more complete list of safety information on this short video:

And lastly, William Shatner at his weirdest (at least weirdest turkey frying video).  This is an actual Public Safety Announcement done by State Farm last year. 

Don’t burn down your house.  
Don’t drink and drive.  
Enjoy a safe and happy holiday.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners Delays Vote

Tonight the Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners, replete with several new members, met for several important issues affecting the city and county.

Possibly the most heated issue in recent history is the 2011 Tax Revaluation.  News broke tonight that Tax Assessor Garret Alexander has submitted his resignation for that position, but will stay on in some other unnamed county position at an undisclosed salary (at least for now).

A vote on how to proceed with some actions about what Commissioner Bill James called a "train wreck" of a process was delayed tonight.  All agreed to meet next week Tuesday at 3 p.m. to discuss and possibly amend County Manager Harry Jones' recommendations concerning the audit.  View this information at these links below:

Mecklenburg Revaluation Review Final Report.pdf
Cover Letter for Final Report.pdf
Mecklenburg County Report Cover.pdf
Exhibits for Final Report.pdf
County Manager Recommendations on Revaluation Review.pdf

Comments from the dais stated support for review from the State level in Representative Brawley and Speaker of the House Thom Tillis.  Others maintain that a "rollback" of the 2011 revaluation that so many want is not permitted by law and will not change.  

Three-and-a-half hours of discussion did not result in resolution or a vote.  Many angry property owners showed up again to voice complaints to the Board.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Under the VOTER INFORMATION link, choose VIEW MY SAMPLE BALLOT, enter your address as instructed.  The program will return a list of what your area-specific choices will be, along with your polling location.

The most recent gubernatorial debate with Lt. Governor Dalton and Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory is from October 24th , aired on WRALTV and can be viewed HERE with indexed comments and questions (could not embed).

A good place to see many State and Local Candidates is through the non-partisan televised debates sponsored by WTVI and the League of Women voters on PBS. Links to each individual debate they aired are shown here:

Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners, District 1
Karen Bentley and Keith Bradford

Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners, District 5
Paula Harvey and Matthew Ridenhour

County Commission At Large
Pat Cotham (D), Trevor M. Fuller(D), Michael Hobbs (R), James Peterson (R), Wayne Powers (R), Jason Bateman (L)  (not in debate, also running: Kim Michele Ratliff, (D))

NC Senate District 38 
Joel Ford & Richard Rivette

NC House District 88
Martha Alexander & Rob Bryan

NC House District 92
Robin Bradford & Charles Jeter

US House District 9
Robert Pittenger & Jennifer Roberts

US House District 12 
Jack Brosch & Mel Watt

As you are deciding all your election choices, note especially the lengthy terms for judges’ seats.  Many people don’t take the time to research or vote for judges, but these are people making decisions about your life every day, whether you ever encounter a court house or not.  They rule in civil court matters if law suits become an issue.  And if you care about crime, sentencing decisions, court efficiency matters, and other important justice issues, judges are the last foothold of the legal system.  Find out who these people are before you elect them or let them stay in office.  Find voting guides and recommendations, as well as reading articles about their past decisions. 

Don’t forget, too, the At-Large Board of County Commissioner Representatives will serve every person in Mecklenburg County, regardless of your location.  Make sure you choose those who have worked hardest to earn that position, met with the County, and match your values and goals for Mecklenburg County (don’t forget those tax revaluations—and how the money is being spent).

.   .   .   .   .

Educate yourself, family and friends about all candidates. 
It is a precious right and responsibility.
It is the loudest, most powerful voice we have.
.   .   .   .   .

and then go vote.

Offices on the Ballot 2012
President and Vice President (4 Years)
1 Seat
U.S. House of Representatives (2 Years)
8th Congressional District
9th Congressional District
12th Congressional District
1 Seat
Governor (4 Years)
1 Seat
Council of State (4 Years)
Lieutenant Governor
Attorney General 
State Auditor
Commissioner of Agriculture
Commissioner of Insurance
Commissioner of Labor
Secretary of State
Superintendent of Public Instruction
State Treasurer
1 Seat
State Senator (2 Years)
District 37
District 38
District 39
District 40
District 41
1 Seat
State Representative (2 Years)
District 88
District 92
District 98
District 99
District 100
District 101
District 102
District 103
District 104
District 105
District 106
District 107
1 Seat
County Commissioner At-Large (2 Years)
3 Seats
County Commission Districts (2 Years)
District 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 6
1 Seat
Register of Deeds (4 Years)
1 Seat
Soil & Water Conservation District (4 Years)
1 Seat
NC Superior Court District 26-A (8 Years)
2 Seats

NC Supreme Court
(8 Years)
1 Seats
NC Court of Appeals (8 Years)
3 Seats
District Court Judges (4 Years)
12 Seats